Julia C Thompson
Julia C Thompson
Rapid Resolution Practitioner & Clinical Social Work






As a rapid resolution practitioner & clinical social worker, I help people transform their lives.

By combining the power of deep connection, one-to-one, with leading edge neuroscience and psychology, we can uncover the patterns and blocks that have kept you playing small and create the space for you to soar. 

Blocks can result from troubling past experiences including breakups, divorce, loss, big-T traumatic experiences, and even minor incidents that you might not realize are impacting you at a subconscious and nervous system level. Once we’ve found them, we’ll clear them so that you can thrive.

This is my vision for you: a life free from the stress of past trauma. Healing and change that lets you live fully in the present moment. Peace, clarity and a sense of self-mastery and self-love that you may not have felt in a very long time.

My primary way of working with people is Rapid Resolution Therapy techniques. This is a gentle and effective approach that resolves trauma in as little as one session. Because the root causes of problems are pinpointed and cleared, positive changes endure. Negative emotions and destructive behavioral patterns are eliminated. 

Unlike other forms of treatment, with Rapid Resolution sessions it is not necessary to relive past events or experience any pain. This approach leads to dramatic improvements in thoughts, feelings and behavior. 

My style and background

I do this work because I love seeing, experiencing and helping people to change, succeed, and grow.

Even though I do serious work, play and creativity are a part of everything I do. My clients tell me this approach makes the process enjoyable, as well as effective.

I am deeply committed to learning and growth, for both myself and for others. This commitment guides the work that I do. Most importantly, my work is guided by the needs of my clients. Along with Rapid Resolution techniques, I use  specifically solution-focused techniques in my coaching practice as well as deep guided relaxation. Each session is different, and we will work according to what will best serve your healing.

I received my Master’s of Clinical Social Work from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2014. I am a licensed clinical social worker (Florida Lic #SW14616.) I recently closed my Florida office and will be relocating with my family to Austin, Texas area in the summer of 2018.




I absolutely loved the energy that Julia brought into our session. She was relaxed and fun, but also able to hold space for really serious issues and big things. That meant that our session was relaxed and fun, but didn’t gloss over anything. It was so impactful - Julia’s stories and methods got me to think about things in a totally new way, and it’s stayed with me.
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Professional Qualifications and Alliances


Florida Gulf Coast University – Master of Clinical Social Work, 2014

Rapid Resolution Therapy Intensive 50 hour Training, Jan. 2017

Critical Incident Stress Management for Individuals & Groups, Feb. 2017

Rapid Resolution-Hypnotic Communication, March, April & Aug. 2017

Rapid Resolution Therapy Advanced Training, June 2017

Rapid Resolution Therapy Intensive 50 hour Training, oct. 2017


Tri-County Critical Incident Stress Management Team for First Responders

Postpartum Support International Volunteer & Coordinator for Lee County

National Association of Social Work

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

association of traumatic stress specialists