Julia C Thompson
Julia C Thompson
Rapid Resolution Practitioner & Clinical Social Worker


Transformation is possible.



Whatever is holding you back...

It's time to get free. 


The purpose of this
glorious life is not simply
    to endure it, but to
   soar, stumble and flourish
as you learn to fall
iN love with existence. 

We were born to live my dear
 not to merely exist. 

                            – Becca Lee                


Hi, I'm Julia.

I help uncover and clear the blocks that are standing between you and your best life. A life of joy and creativity and love.

Because even though you may not have easy access right now, you have all of that creativity, joy and love inside of you.

it's just a matter of making the connection, and releasing what is no longer useful. 

I was surprised at the outcome. No matter how hard I thought about certain events that had caused me issues, I didn’t feel the anger, guilt and sadness that it used to cause me.
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